WTF is Laid Back Water, anyways?

Quite honestly, I’m no longer sure – Not because I’ve got no logic behind the name, but because I’ve attempted to do this so many times in the past few years that it’s no longer sanctimonious for me to even attempt to explain it.  Wow, that created a twist in my tongue as I typed it! Phew!!

However, thank you for arriving at this page. I’m not sure how you made it, but nevertheless, thanks!  

I’m going to attempt to keep this regular and as a journal of my learning every day as a parent, husband and as an entrepreneur.  It’s not necessarily in that order though most often it will be.  I take my responsibilities towards my family as my primary purpose (will get to that in a minute) of life and being an entrepreneur is a mean to that end.

Some of the stuff I will write might not make any sense (it could be most of it, actually!) for I’m in a constant flux about my philosophy towards life in general. I think I grew up with a culture that was based on a lot of values, but no efficient system to imbibe them within one self.  As a result, I find myself wandering, to define my values, the purpose of life and everything else in between.

I’m exploring several parts of life, uncovering many common-sense realities as I explore, that are constantly ticking some light bulbs in my head, almost on a daily basis. I’m learning from some, forgetting the others, but more or less, I feel I’m making progress towards a more fuller existence and will use this blog to streamline some of my learning.

Remember – I’m not writing this blog for anyone in particular but myself, so feel free to not take anything seriously, at all!

What can you expect to find here?  I’m not completely sure yet, but it’s part of my monthly resolution system and I will develop the theme as I move along.


I’m 43 (as of this writing) and a self-employed entrepreneur.  I live in Millburn, New Jersey with my beautiful wife and our lovely daughter and no dogs (Not a “pets” person, I’m sorry pet lovers!)  My passions in life include food, travel, reading, photography & my work.  With the exception of “my work” all other items are listed in order of my personal priorities 🙂

My work involves running a digital marketing company and we help clients leverage marketing automation technology to grow their online business.  I love what I do and have worked in more or less the same field for as long as I can remember.

AS AN ENTREPRENEUR (first inning)

I built a company that I am so very proud of!  At our best, we were a team of over a hundred people and running a 24×7 operation with many motivated individuals.  Until 2009, everything was going great until some bad decisions (I’m not sure if they were on my part, my team’s part or my clients’ part) put everything in a spin faster than a whirlpool in a washing machine.  The business came crashing down like it was built on a deck of cards and I found myself scrambling for peace.

Next two years were spent on introspection, a lot of upheavals and moving countries twice in less than a year.  I found myself selling parts of the business to clients and eliminating all forms of anchors, which in hindsight, was setting the preamble for my next life;

AS a photographer!

What started off as a fun way to make new friends on a weekly trek eventually turned out to be my full time profession for a full year and a half.  Not to mention it brought some aspects of self onto the surface that were hitherto unseen. I didn’t like some (or most) of it but it made me excited to learn that that I was growing and therefore, there was hope!

I did a lot of assignments shooting weddings in India for a little short of two years and built a very successful business out of it. However, I always felt as if it wasn’t something I was meant to do. Did you ever feel like you’re a hack, peddling your way into a profession you’re not qualified for? I felt like that at all times, though my clients, family and friends continued to appreciate the quality of my work.  I was never satisfied, and I still am not.  My work is below mediocre at best, but I guess it was best among equals and my gift of the glib made all the difference, when it came to signing on clients.

This vocation wasn’t meant to last, for as I told you above, my heart was not really into it and as I was becoming more self-aware of myself, I wanted to break out of the “profession” side of it and continue doing it for what it was in the first place to me – A hobby!

Life Lesson – Turning your hobby into your profession is a tightrope, you might think you’ll enjoy them both, the truth being you might stop doing both!  My unsold unused camera gear is testimony to the fact!

As an entrepreneur (my second innings)

I’ve built some successful teams and many not so successful teams in the past.  I’m now finding myself at a position where I have an opportunity to change that and I’m pursuing my dream of building a $100 million company.  I don’t know if I will succeed but like hell I am going to try, whatever it may take!  I have the necessary drive (and then some more), courage and an opportunity with some clients supporting my small business take the big leap of faith!


Before we go down that road, it is important to understand that I am an extremist, or at least that’s what I like to call myself.  I am passionate about many things, and when I’m in it, I’m really in it.  It has been true for my smoking, my drinking, the love of my life, my work, my photography, I know no moderation!

So earlier this year, an inner voice (and some situations) prompted me to lean inwards (with no pun or reference to the book with similar name) and begin exploring the reasons for my habits and my attitude.  Without getting deeply philosophical about it, let me try and sum it up as crisply as I know!

For as long as I have known, my mind races with thousands of things at the same time, and this blog is my way of giving those ideas a shape and a form.  That’s it, nothing else!

This blog is my “mental puke of those ideas”, for lack of a better phrase!  If that disgusts you, may be you should leave now, for I’m not going to promise anything better than that!

Back to the start of the year, I realized how long has it been since I’ve managed to keep a new year resolution.  Somehow, and I don’t know how, I got this notion of a monthly resolution, that seemed like a not-so-daunting task at first, and meant I could make smaller commitments and then may be stick to them for the rest of the year or at least move on to the next one each month.  And so my monthly resolution system was born.

Monthly Resolution SYSTEM

At the beginning of 2016, I thought hard about my resolutions for the year and the goals I wanted to set for myself.  While goals had clarity, I had so many things I wanted to resolve to that it appeared like an impossible feat to accomplish.  Giving it some thought (not serious, though!) I decided to try something different this year.

I started with a monthly resolution plan, where I would begin each month with a new goal, that effects a different aspect of my life each month.  One month, I gave up sugar completely, another month I resolved to work out every single day.  Some other months, the resolutions were more towards giving up some or the other form of habit while in some months, the resolution was just to document everything I eat.  One month, I even resolved to write a journal, but that didn’t last very long, alas!

How did I do?

It’s early fall and I think I’m going to give myself a 7/10 on the effort scale of resolutions.  I managed to keep my habit of setting monthly resolutions, and have also successfully accomplished several goals in the process.

  • I have been off of soda (diet or otherwise) for the entire year now.
  • I have had more active workout days this year than the last 5 years combined.
  • I am completely off alcohol since March this year (That’s part of my 3 year sobering experiment, which I will cover at some other point in this blogging journey)
  • I have managed to stay off sugar/desserts for several weeks, yet this habit keeps cropping up like a nasty addiction.

What’s Next?

My resolution moving into fall is going to write at least one blog post daily.  I don’t know what I am going to cover, but may be something I experienced, learnt, read or did .. Some posts might just be a cycling trip or a run so I’m not completely sure yet, but let’s keep the resolution intact!



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