New Month, New Resolutions – October 2016 Goals

Start of the month is always an exciting time for me.  The excitement actually starts building around the last week of the previous month for it is usually the time to plan something new, something exciting and to improve some part of my life.

Fall is really here

It’s also the start of fall, beautiful colors and a build-up to the holiday season. Most cultures around the world have some or the other form of holidays and festivals around this time of the year.  It is said that the reason most holidays fall around this time is to ward off depression that comes with bitter cold and darker / shorter days.  I’m yet to read a conclusive theory around this, but I am guessing that’s how it works.

For me personally, this time of the year is the most exciting part for it starts with my most favorite festival season and in a way, opens up the window of planning for next year.  Like I mentioned above for my monthly plan, I am excited to put a plan in place for the next year and the entire fourth quarter is an ideal time to build up the strategy.

I have aggressive goals for the next year both on the personal and the business front and in line with my overreaching ambition, I’m planning on accomplishing some crazy goals this quarter.

monthly goals

Starting with this month, I am focusing on a few different areas, and my goals are to:-

  • Complete my research notes & implementation plans from at least one book per week
  • Get a few books on sales management / planning on Kindle & Audible for this month
  • Get one of our corporate websites up and ready for a November launch
  • Build a new micro-site for a client and launch an email marketing campaign

The big goal, however, on my monthly resolution system is to write at least one blog post per day on this blog.  I’m thinking of ideas / topics for the blog and will work hard to finish my plan for the rest of the month within the first week.

I am hoping I will be able to keep up with the resolution!

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