2017 Goals

Each year, we start with a resolution, and each year we meet some, and miss some.  I don’t expect this year to be any different.  I’m not perfect, so I am not going to beat myself up for not meeting all of my goals but hey, you gotta keep the bar high, if you want to soar higher.

So, without much further ado, here goes!

This year, while I was deciding on going quarterly on some of my goals, I just didn’t have enough time to finish my list, so, I set up some goals in the following format

One time Resolutions

These are the ones that I want to break as a habit, and need something as drastic as the change of an year to accomplish them.  Consider quitting “soda” and “alcohol” of all forms as the goals I set for myself for last year.  I managed to stay free of both habits, 100% and am happy for it.

This year, my goals are to quit Sugar and Red Meat.  That’s it!

Then I have my learning goals, that are divided in two parts.

Daily Learning & End of Year Goals.  I do have a weekly learning outcomes worksheet, but that’s more towards managing my weekends to learn stuff related to my work.

Daily Learning Goals


My work involves traveling to Montreal every other week and I feel handicapped talking to most servers at restaurants and clerks at grocery stores.  In general, I feel learning a new language each year to have basic conversational skills is an important and beneficial exercise to the brain.

I started learning some french last year, but gave up after a week or so.  This year, I intend pursuing 364 days and see where it goes.. Why 364?  Because I’m writing this post on the 2nd and I already missed my 1st day of learning yesterday.  (I know I’ll do double the learning today, but that still leaves me with 364 days, right?)

1 New Small Thing to Learn

This is something I started in December last year.  I realized there is so much stuff in the world that I want to learn about, but not in a scholarly way. For example until yesterday, I didn’t know that the right way to pronounce “Jerusalem” is “yeru” + “shaliyam” or that it loosely means “the foundation of God” or that the name is based on yeru (Sumerian) OR yry (Semitic) that means “to found / lay foundation of”

Anyways, here’s what my “daily learning” list looks like – It’s much longer than that, and I’ve added many more items to it, but you get the idea. This isn’t in any particular format or structure – It’s just some stuff I’d like to know more about, and this stuff gives me a sense of learning beyond what my work requires…

Daily Learning Goals

Habit Goals

Next on my list are my habit goals, these are the habits I want to develop this year (not in any particular order, but possibly using my monthly resolution system) I may not end up doing all of these things from 1st day of the year, but I do hope to be able to get to the entire list before this year ends.

  • Get Rid of 1 Item Each Day To be a minimalist by End – 2017
  • Waking up at 3:45 AM
  • Daily Pranayam
  • Post about Daily New Learning on the Blog
  • Working in 1 tab and 1 tab only
  • Pro-biotic Supplement
  • Meditation – 5 minutes
  • 1 Book Per Week (Minimum)
  • Read 1 article HBR daily
  • Make a workout Diary

relationship GOALS

I am targeting for at least one date night each month, and two one-on-one style meetings with my daughter each month. She’s headed off to college in a couple of years and I want to make the most of this time we have left together for me to give her some of the knowledge I’ve gained over my experience of the past 2 decades.


I do have some business/professional goals, but those are outside of what I want to accomplish as an individual, but two items stand out in terms of my career goals for the year.

  • An outline of the book I would like to write sometime before this year ends
  • Some information products that I would like to develop and start marketing online before the end of this year.

Next year, I intend to work towards writing & publishing the book and have a larger “self sustainable” information product marketing business.


Last, but not the least, I have my Learning Goals for the end of the year.  These are the items that I want to accomplish before the end of this year. I have yet to make a plan for achieving these, but for the time being, just the idea is all I have.

  • Practice Tai Chi
  • Code/Develop an app for mobile phone

There, you have it!  My blueprint for 2017



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